Lady recounts how Lagos motorist bashed her car and still tried to woo her

Lady narrates experience with a Lagos motorist who bashed her car and still had the temerity to woo her.

The lady identified on Twitter as @Homorwummy said that the motorist had bashed into her car while on the road.

Lady Lagos motorist woo bash car

Instead of making efforts towards trying to see how he would pay for the damages or fix her car, his mind was focused on something entirely different.

According to the lady, the motorist was busy asking her out and she was totally bewildered by his audacity.

She wrote …

“Lagos dey muzz me. You hit my car and instead of us to figure it out, you’re asking me out🤦🏽‍♀️”

Check out reactions that followed …

@nifemioluboyede said: “Why you think say hin hit your car.”

@asemota said: “Man was smitten both literally and figuratively 😂”

maniac8989 commented: “The hitting was intentional 😁”

@vikaf remarked: “Hitting on you >> hitting your car
Fixing your heart>> fixing your car

A king💪🏾”

@lohlu said: “Hear me out….we will drop your car at the workshop then tomorrow he will surprise you with a brand new car… then…..i don wake up from slumber😀”

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