Lady recounts how ‘area thugs’ helped her when she vomited while women derided and accused her of being pregnant

A Twitter user has taken to social media to narrate how area thugs gave her a helping hand when she suddenly began vomiting on the road.
Lady recounts how 'area thugs' helpedThe lady revealed that the area boys who had seen her throwing up rushed to her aid and got water for her to wash herself up and epaid a taxi to take her home while the women who saw her throwing up said she was pregnant and began to sl*t shame her.

She wrote:

“Can’t believe the ‘Area thugs’ were the ones that got me water to clean up after vomiting on the road, put me in a cab and paid the driver to take me home while all the women there just kept shouting “O ti loyun” and sl*t shaming me. Even if I were pregnant I don’t deserve help?”

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