Lady recounts getting snubbed after lending N7.6M to ‘japa’ friend

A young Nigerian lady recounts lending her life savings of N7.6M to a friend who needed proof of funds while relocating to Canada and battling to get her money back.

A social media user identified as @TheSerahIbrahim on the X platform reacted to advice from a clergyman, Pastor Bolaji Idowu who preached against money lending.

According to the lady, she regretted handing her life savings to a friend who urgently needed it as evidence of being able to sustain herself after landing in Canada.

She revealed that since the friend took the loan, she ghosted her and stopped responding to her messages and this has go on for two years.

“Remember sending a friend 7.6 million naira for proof of funds.
It’s been 2 years. And yes, she doesn’t even respond to my messages anymore. That money set me back so much, but I go way too far for my friends. Took her like a sister, so the hurt is different. NEVER AGAIN💔,” she wrote.

Speaking on efforts made to get a refund, she added, “Her family promised she’d pay. That I should give her time to settle and get a job. Her father also offered 1.5 some months ago when my bro helped me to do small madness.
Basically the money left now is 6.1 million. Out of the 1.5, we still gave the police 300k for their help😅.”

Lady recounts getting snubbed after lending N7.6M to 'japa' friend