Lady rants as boyfriend refuses to send her money to buy clothes

Nigerian lady embittered by boyfriend who refuses to send her N20k for clothes while spending over N140k on addictive drugs for her.

The video was made public by the lady’s friend who shared it to her Tiktok page, @graceoba128.

The lady was quarreling with her boyfriend for sending her only N2k instead of the N20k she originally demanded.

She expressed her anger at him, especially knowing that he spends more on other things.

Lady rants as boyfriend refuses to send her money to buy clothes

The boyfriend responded to her, informing her that there were other women trying to get into a relationship with him and cautioned her against speaking to him like that.

Here are netizens reactions to the video below

@benz asked: “does this mean girl don’t longer work to have their own money 🤔”

@lmaooooo stated: “But I feel her. Only 2k the entire month😂 I would just leave💀”

@Zeus noted: “she save the boy number with he name, tells you all you need to know about the relationship”

@Annie 🍫🔐🥺 added: “And he Dey even talk say girls Dey ask am out 😭😭nawa”

@Jonathanmoneyfx advised: “Try hustle nobody owe you anything”

@kry_stah_belle quizzes: “As a man why won’t you changed your babes dress”

@ekua_paulla penned: “Aswear some people will never help you but can buy you alcohol to get high ….that’s another form of witchcraft..avoid such people”

Watch the video here


So sorry friendship 😂😂😂#relationship #heartbreak #pov#fyppppppppp #viralvideo @Marvellous take heart my friend 😂

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