Lady narrowly escapes kidnap attempt in a Keke in Isolo, Lagos State

The alarming spate of kidnapping in Nigeria today has caused concerns across the country, particularly with how the daily stories are shrouding the media.

On Twitter, a lady identifed with the handle @kaffybrownb narrated how her sister’s friend escaped a kidnap attempt by a Keke rider in the Isolo area of Lagos State.

According to her, the story would have been a different one if her sister’s friend didn’t jump out of the Keke upon sensing a foul play by the Keke rider.

Narrating the story on Twitter, she wrote: “What’s really happening in Nigeria??‍♀️the rate of kidnapping is tiring. 

“My sister’s friend got kidnapped on Thursday at isolo.She wanted to get stuff outside,so she boarded Keke napep. When the keke man got to her destination, she told the man she’s alighting but the man said no, that he’s taking them somewhere else.

“Immediately He increased his speed, she and her friend started screaming,yet the man ignored them.While on motion she jumped out and got herself injured and phone screen broken.But we thank God there was no car behind her,

“It would have been a sad story now. Tho the keke man was later apprehended but he started acting mad when hands begin touch him??‍♀️. May God continue to protect us out there??.”

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