Lady narrates how she mercilessly flogged an elderly woman in public

A Twitter user identified by her handle as @FatGirlwithin_ has narrated how she mercilessly flogged an elderly woman who attacked her first.

Elderly woman flog lady

The lady who is currently struck by penitence recounted how she and this elderly woman got into a feud due to parking space.

She further disclosed that the elderly woman refused to shift her car while insisting that she (the narrator) was rude and within a short while, the woman grabbed her hair, reacting to this, she went into her car, brought out a whip and brutalize her with it.

Narrating her story, she wrote:

“Why is it almost impossible for old Nigerian to stay in their lanes??
Because why did this 40yr old woman in my estate slap me this evening?
She made me b*at her now, like she stole money.
Someone parked in front of my apartment (we all have allocated spaces oo). I took a picture and put it on the group chat as expected, waited over 30 mins and got nothing. I called the facility manager. He asked me to chill. Then 2 woman walk past my car, I honk and they ignored.

10 minutes after, one of the women came down to repark the car, so I call her and politely express my displeasure and she just starts yelling at me. So I politely tell her to fuck off. She pulls the old age/respect card and says she won’t move.

Y’all, she’s not even the owner of the car o. But she called me every name she could come up with, I only retorted by with “are you not embarrassed, you’re not making any sense, retard”

Next thing na hot slap on my face, my reflexes took over obviously and I returned the slap

But she didn’t stop, pulled my hair etc.. I was able to break free so I went into my car and grabbed my “koboko” and proceeded to flog her like thief.
No one should ask me why I have koboko in my car o (that’s a different story entirely).

She threatened police, over 2 hours ago

This is an abridged version of the situation because I’m horrible at writing.

I was home by 3 and didn’t enter my house till 5pm.
I wish people would keep their hands to themselves.

I hate that I hit someone today, it’s totally out of character for me and I feel horrible.”

Check out her tweets below:

Elderly woman flog lady Elderly woman flog lady