Lady narrates how her husband’s attitude changed after she got promoted at work

A lady has taken to social media to share her experience with husband who started acting nice after she got promoted at work.

In her words,

“You all need to be careful. The people you trust as family might be the enemy in your life.

Since these past few weeks, my husband that has been so wicked to me suddenly became over nice and caring.

I have been wondering what happened to my husband. This is someone that would come back from work and if he doesn’t see food at home, he would beat me as if I stole something from him.

I thought it was the work of God and God has finally given me the husband I prayed for. Not until yesterday when my boss called me to inform me that I was given a double promotion and would relocate abroad to work at a branch in UK.

So apparently, my husband who works in the same company with me got hold of the information since three weeks ago and this is why he suddenly started acting nice. This marriage ends once I leave this country. I am wiser than he thinks”.

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