Lady narrates experience with old woman and her four-year-old son

A Nigerian lady has shared her sad experience with an old woman who usually shouts her son’s name whenever she sees him.

Sharing her story to Facebook platform, GistOfNation, she said,

“There’s this strange old woman who lives close to my home. Whenever I pass with my son, she would scream my son’s name, shake her head and bend her head downwards.

This thing has been happening since my son was two years old. He is just four now. If she is inside her house when we are passing, she would rush out of her house and scream my son’s name then bend her head.

She doesn’t respond to my greeting, she doesn’t even talk to us. It has been bothering me and I talked to my husband about it. He advised me to start taking another route.

I listened but this old woman followed me to the other route. She would stand every morning and whenever we pass, she would do the same thing.

At a point, I couldn’t take it anymore and I decided to find out what is actually wrong. I was prepared for her that day and I wanted to understand everything…. I was not myself for three whole days after I found out what her problem is with my four year old son.

On that faithful day while I was passing, she did same thing and I began to raise an alarm. I ran to her and held her on her cloth. Asking her why she’s always calling my son’s name and what she has with my son.

While I was screaming, her children came out and asked me to leave their mother. I said not until I find out why their mother would not leave my son alone.

That was when they opened up that my four year old son looks so much like their soldier brother who died in war seven years ago. They said he also bears same name with my son and the presence of my son always triggers memory for their mother. I was heartbroken but I still don’t want this to continue happening. My son is my son. He is alive and their son is dead”.

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