Lady shares sad experience with boyfriend’s mother

A lady has shared her sad experience with boyfriend’s mother who felt she was into something diabolical.

She said her boyfriend’s mother told her that she isn’t beautiful, and she has to be into diabolical rituals to be able to attract her son.

In her words,

“I visited my boyfriend at his mother’s place and while I was leaving, my boyfriend’s mother did something really strange.

At first when I came into the house, she greeted me very well and offered me refreshments. After staying for a long time, his mother told me it was late and I should start heading home cause their street isn’t safe.

I obeyed her. Stood up, thanked them and left alone. Cause she said they won’t be able to escort me cause the street is rough.

But after I left, I noticed that the same woman who complained about lateness, was following me behind and trailing me.

I would turn back and see her following me behind. I thought she wanted to get something but changed my mind after I turned my back and saw her hiding so I don’t see her.

I kept moving till I got to the main road where I needed to enter Keke. She was still following me. I was really tensed and I had to come down from the Keke to ask her what’s going on…. This woman said she has been suspecting me and she feels I am doing something diabolical to attract her son.

She began to shout and insult me on the road of how she doesn’t see me beautiful enough for her son to like me. It was becoming embarrassing and I had to walk out cause people were beginning to stare. I never visited them again”

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