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Lady narrates hilarious experience with Yoruba boyfriend who asked her to pretend as his sister (Video)

A young lady has narrated her experience with Yoruba boyfriend who acted so caring and nice when they just met.

She met him while working as a waitress and he informed her that he was a financial analyst.

However, shortly after accepting his dating request, she started seeing some red flags which she never believed he was capable of.

She revealed that he was always nice to her whenever her payday was approaching and as soon as she gets paid, he makes ‘flimsy excuses’ to get some money from her.

But, when his own pay approaches, he starts making trouble with her to avoid giving her any money.

At first she didn’t read meaning into his actions but it later dawned on her that he wasn’t for her when he started asking her to pretend to be his sister.

She recounted that this happened after they had met his main girlfriend suddenly on the road.

He first introduced his side girlfriend to the main chick as the ‘caretaker’ of the house they lived in.

Watch the video below:

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