Lady discovers her husband is her brother after they welcomed second child

A lady who has been married for 16 years has recounted how she discovered that she and her husband are brother and sister after they welcomed their second child.

The lady, Omolara Arike shared this while reacting to a video of a man who stated that he almost asked a lady out, before he found out that she is his cousin.

Lady husband brother second child

Responding to this, Omolara noted that such development shouldn’t stop him, as she and her husband are siblings.

She stated that she and her husband met in Lagos, began a relationship which eventually led to them having four kids in total.

They found out they’re brothers and sisters when they got to the village and discovered their kinship.

Her revelation has since stirred mixed reactions from social media users.

Omolara arikee said:

“He no mean joo.same thing happened to me I Don born 4 now… We share same oriki self…”

Omolara arikee shared further: “My marriage is 16 years now.

Actually we met here in lagos and we did everything in lagos it was after I had my second baby we decide to travel to the village that was when we Discover we are brother and sister. But life goes on….”

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