Jerry Amilo breaks silence after being dragged for posting remains of Junior Pope

Famous Nollywood actor, Jerry Amilo reacts after being called out for chasing clout with a hospital video of Junior Pope’s remains, as he explains why he recorded the deceased actor.

You may recall that a viral video showed the corpse of the late actor, Junior Pope which had the watermark of Jerry Amilo who made the video at the hospital.

jerry amilo junior pope chasing clout hospital video
Jerry Amilo. Photo source;

Some celebrities and fans have berated the actor for the video, accusing him of chasing clout with the video.

Jerry Amilo recently made a video to address the matter. He claimed that the atmosphere and the confusion on social media had left everyone tense and confused.

Many people kept calling him to know whether the actor was still alive or dead, and he was impelled to make a video and put it out there to clear the air about his status.

He noted that his intention with the video wasn’t to chase clout but to make a clarification about the actor’s state.

Watch him speak below: