Nigerians drag Jerry Amilo for posting video of Junior Pope’s remains on social media

Nigerians have taken to social media to drag Nollywood actor, Jerry Amilo after he shared the mortal remains of Junior Pope online.

The news of the death of actor Junior Pope has thrown a lot of Nigerians into a state of shock after the hope people were raised about his survival.

A few hours after he was declared alive and receiving treatment, news came in that the actor gave up the ghost after being taken to the third hospital.

However, social media users woke up to videos of the mortal remains of Jnior Pope online shared by Jerry Amilo. Some social media users have dragged the actor for sharing private videos of the actor.

Nigerians drag Jerry Amilo for posting video of Junior Pope's remains on social media
Junior Pope, Nigerian actor

@Parker_ojugba: Our entertainment industry is full of clout and eye service!!!!!!”

@Taatilg: “Nigerians!!! How can you be making a video of someone in a vulnerable state? You didn’t even care how his Family would feel?💔💔💔.

@Menshaggy: “So many insensitive people with phones.”

@Badgirlannie: “This people are just interested in first to post new update”

Adedeji: “It’s even more irritating that most of his colleagues started posting about his death and how they are pained, barely an hr after the first news was going viral…. I stand corrected but who truly makes post when they are still in shock or mourning? Like within mins/hrs of the news???? No confirmation or anything?! Humanity has been reduced to SOCIAL MEDIA RELEVANCE ONLY… The af 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ and now this one is posting his cold body without recourse to the pain the family is going through. Honestly we perish for lack of WISDOM. Rest Easy JP 💔|

@Matthewmensah: “The level of insensitive and downright st#pid people that emerges when these things happens are unreal..How do you jump to make a video, adding music on top of it and post? Family hasn’t even gotten full confirmation or nothing ..SMH”.