BBNaija ”Jeff says patronising stuff but he’s fake” – Isilomo & Avala

”Jeff says patronising stuff but he’s fake” – Isilomo & Avala


We had a very interesting conversation with the first housemates to be evicted from the Big Brother house and they had quite a lot to say about their time in the house.

The first housemates to be evicted from the BBNaija season 4 house, Isilomo and Avala were guests at our studio on Wednesday, July 10, 2019, where we got to speak about their experience in the house.

When asked about their relationship with other housemates in the house, Isilomo was of the opinion that she had a few people she didn’t really like but there were those who she also all got along with.

Avala bluntly said she wasn’t a fan of Jeff who she thinks was only pretending to be a nice person. Isilomo went on to say that Jeff is a fake guy who had a pretentious way of handling things in the house.

“I don’t know if anybody really liked me, I wasn’t really paying any attention to any of that. For me, I think people that are naturally like me aggravate to me and if don’t, you don’t and it’s fine. But there were certain people in the house that I might have had a tussle with in the first couple of days but it didn’t mean anything to me, it just met that I just needed to make it known that I didn’t need to be messed with. I think they were all fantastic but I think we were all very aware of the fact that we were playing a game,” she said.

For Avala, she didn’t really have time to get a lot of people but she got along with other housemates in the house except Jeff who she thinks was the reason behind her eviction.

“In the house, i didn’t get to know a lot of people but I could say I didn’t like Jeff and I stated that very clearly because of what was going on with our team and he was one of the reasons I was evicted but I got along with almost everybody,” she said.

Isilomo who couldn’t hold back on the Jeff situation in the house went on to call him out over his perceived pretentious behaviour in the house.

“The patronising things that Jeff says. He is fake we know these things and the things he says, we live with him, we know, he is a fake ass human being so all that is rubbish, he just saying that because shey he got screening time because we are saying it…

“Jeff and Kim are playing the game but I just don’t do fake, personally. So if you are being fake, don’t come and act like we are friends, do the fake thing on your side but don’t come and smile on my face which is why I’m really irritated by the slapping statement. That is just the kind of things he says so we can discuss it on Pulse,” she said.

Isilomo shared her personal experience with Jeff after it became clear that she had one of the lowest coins in the house. According to her, Jeff was trying to patronise her and she wasn’t buying it.

“What’s upsetting to me is that when he had every opportunity, it was until I left…Isilomo interrupts…it was the day Biggie announced that we had the lowest coins he comes in to say something to you…what did he say to you Avala?…he comes to me and says Lomo and I was like you knew how many coins I had and if you wanted to give me more coins you could have, don’t do this for me, people, don’t! No!

Avala; ”I actually told him that I understand that you were helping your own people and when I gave him that stare, it was game on.”

Isilomo and Avala are the first housemates from this season’s edition of Big Brother Naija to be evicted after spending just one week in the house. They were evicted on Sunday, July 7, 2019.

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