“Jasmine is my daughter” — Mr Ibu’s wife makes U-turn (Video)

Mr Ibu‘s second wife, Stella Okafor, makes a U-turn about her relationship and that of her husband with Jasmine whom she once accused of being the actor’s girlfriend.

mr ibu's wife

Following the back and forth saga between Mr Ibu’s wife and the actor’s adopted daughter, Stella reconciled and welcomed the Jasmine into their family.

During a live Instagram session with the famous OAP, Daddy Freeze, the mother of four declared the influencer as her daughter when asked to state their relationship.

"Jasmine is my daughter" — Mr Ibu's wife makes U-turn (Video)

“Jasmine Chioma is my daugther and my husband daughter too, adopted,” she said.

Jasmine jokingly interrupted, “we don’t want peace, we want violence.”

Watch the video below …

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