Ivie Okujaye shares inspiring words to women following Kunle Remi’s marital bliss

Nollywood actress, Ivie Okujaye discussed her impressions about Kunle Remi‘s wife, Tiwi’s appearance as she encourages ladies to accept their natural looks.

Gistreel reported that Kunle Remi and Femi Otedola’s niece, Tiwi got married on January 20, 2024.

Ivie Okujaye
Ivie Okujaye

In reaction, Ivie Okujaye recalled how one of the hottest Nollywood bachelors, Kunle introduced his wife to the public and she turned out to be a very beautiful woman.

She also recalled admiring Tiwi for a job well done and believing, upon seeing her photos, that there was no BBL, bleaching, or any type of cosmetic surgery.

The actress encouraged all the ladies out there who do not want to indulge in BBL or any cosmetic surgeries but are considering doing it because they feel unseen and unattracted.

“Brown skin girls” are still deserving of love and affection, according to Okujaye. She went on to say that they shouldn’t let social media affect them or give them the impression that they are inferior to other women.

The actress emphasized that, out of millions of women, Tiwi was an example.


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