Ini Edo speaks on body enhancements and cosmetic surgery

Renowned Nollywood actress, Ini Edo, expresses her opinion on the topic of body enhancements and cosmetic surgeries for women

Ini Edo speaks on body enhancements and cosmetic surgery

In a recent interview with Pulse Nigeria, the star of the Shanty Town series, who is rumoured to have undergone cosmetic surgery to alter her physique, delved into the subject of cosmetic enhancements and addressed the issue of body shaming women who opt for such procedures.

Ini Edo insisted that everyone has the right to choose as long as they are willing to live with the consequences.

In her words;

“I mean, I just feel like anybody who sits around judging people, nobody has a right to tell anybody how to live their lives or who to be or who not to be. It’s not your place. You don’t have that right.

“And so for me, I say to people who do that, I’m like, you, first of all, have to be able to dictate the pace of your life to be able to dictate somebody else’s pace. It makes no sense that you have no control over your own life and you’re trying to think that it’s okay to have control over somebody else’s life, it doesn’t make any sense. And I say to women, you be your own person.

“You make your own choices and live with the consequences of your choices, of your actions. So it’s not anybody’s place to dictate to a woman how she should look. If she should be fat; if she should be slim, if she should be thick.

“And especially in this kind of industry where we are in, I remember there was a time when people used to say to me, “oh you added so much weight, you should lose weight”, you know, people begin to put all those crazy ideas in your head and if you as a woman, you allow it, it forms an expression.

“Some people fall into places where they start to doubt themselves and their self-confidence begins to dwindle because of the constant negatives that you’re hearing.

“But you need to grow to a point where you realize that it is your body, it is your life, nobody else has the right to tell you do this or don’t do this. It is your right to say this is what I want to look like, this is how I want to look.

“Do whatever works for you as long as you’re able to live with the consequences of your actions, it is entirely your prerogative!.”