“It wasn’t just a slap” – Cute Gemini drops new evidence of domestic abuse

The estranged singer, Lil Frosh faces more domestic violence allegations from his ex-girlfriend, Cute Genini who insisted, with proof that the singer did more than slapping her once.

It would be recalled that Lil Frosh had shared his side of the story, accusing his ex-girlfriend of framing him and damaging his career.

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In a recent post via Instagram, Cute Gemini insisted that the claims made by the singer to clear his name were false.

Backing her statement, she shared a series of photos, showing her brutalized body from alleged physical abuse from Lil Frosh in that same year.

"It wasn't just a slap" - Cute Gemini releases more domestic abuse photos

Sharing the photos, she wrote;

“YES lilfrosh did hit me countless times, it wasn’t just “a slap“, it was never ever just a slap! I never disrespected his mom! I lost so many pictures and video evidence from the previous beatings and these are the only ones I could get my hands on since it’s been years now and I never knew the day would come again where he’ll want to pin everything on my head! He beat me up and hit me at the back of my head with an iron rod, while beating me I hit my head on the wall and that’s when the swelling n internal bleeding started.”

Watch the video below …

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