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“It is wrong to wear clothes that expose your shapes, trousers, wigs, and jewelleries to church” – Man

A Nigerian man identified as Obed Luka has warned women to refrain from wearing trousers and clothes that expose their shapes to church.

Obed in a post shared on his Facebook page states that although God only looks at the heart but whatsoever comes out of a man defiles him.

His post reads:

โ€œThis kind of dressing is wrong in the church. Be warned those women that used to wear trousers to church and other clothes that expose your body and shapes, including those women that use to Barb hairstyle like unbelievers stop it, God does look at your heart, but it is sure that what so ever comes out of a man that defileth him so if you dress like this with make up all over your face with all kinds of jewelry and rings and attachments and wigs on your head be warned.โ€

See his post below,

women trousers church


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