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“It is easy for men to spot out a female who’s only good in bed” – Singer, Morachi slams slay queens


US-based Nigerian singer, Morachi lambasts slay queens who sleep with married men for money as he claims that they can be recognized from a mile away.

Morachi slay queens married

The concerned young artist wonders why young and beautiful ladies sleep with married men and not forget they will also get married someday.

He further stated how some of these ladies can do anything or sleep with anything for well-paid cash including sleeping with a gorilla.

Angered by this, he blames it all on the pretty face and banging body of those sleeping with married men got.

Morachi revealed his consolation is that it is easy for men to spot those females who are only good in bed and those women who deserve to be married.

Here’s his screenshot:

Morachi slay queens married Morachi slay queens married


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