“Is this really content or madness?” – Content creator causes buzz as he beautifies model with candles

A Nigerian content creator has generated reactions as he adopted a unique technique involving the use of candles to beautify a model.

In the video, a background voice, believed to be that of the male content creator, explained how candles were used to enhance the beauty or create a unique design on the body of a model.

Content Creator Model Unique Technique Candles

When the video was posted on X (formerly Twitter), the Twitter user who shared it posed the question, “Is this really content or madness?”

The question further drew the attention of individuals who have flocked to the comment section to express their views on the topic.

See some reactions below:

@MensahNGH: “If it was a white person that did this y’all will be screaming awww.”

@IamBlaccode: “Is it until people start killing because of making contents that content moderation will start? This is becoming scary o… I don’t want to come here to come and be shouting justice for X o.”

@_Lola_de: “Please help us post the result. So I can know if he deserves curse. If she was lightskin, she for don red.”

@OrientaX19: “It’s quite creative but it looks lame ASF it would have been better with higher budget.”

@_JohnMirian17: “These days candle wax no dey pa!n, na 2010 downwards candle wax dey pa!n!”

@Dave_Nick25: “Why waste so much money on candles for one shoot if the person no be light of the world.”


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