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“Intentionally farting in your partner’s presence is disrespectful” – Life Coach, Solomon Buchi

Notable life coach and writer, Solomon Buchi has given his verdict as regards one farting intentionally in the presence of his or her partner.

Solomon Buchi Farting Partner

According to him, it is a very disrespectful thing to do and the only period one may be exempted from being disrespectful is when it’s accidentally, but when done on purpose, it isn’t a good act at all.

In his words:

“The whole idea that farting in the presence of your partner is a show of love and intimacy is totally disturbing to me. I understand the point, but it is unnecessary. What does love has to do with me inhaling bad smelling air? I think it is disrespectful when done intentionally.

It’s disturbing to me. Yeah. It might happen mistakenly but purposefully farting in my presence just because we ought to do that to prove intimacy? Huh?”

Solomon Buchi Farting Partner

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