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“In this generation, if you can’t treat your partner well, they will leave you” – OAP, Daddy Freeze


Nigerian On-air personality, Daddy Freeze has issued out a strong warning to people who find it difficult to treat their partner(s) well in marriage.

Daddy Freeze Marriage Partner

According to Daddy Freeze, the world has transcended beyond that stage where women suffer in marriage, while their husband enjoys, just for the sake of not being stereotyped as a person that got divorced in marriage.

Daddy Freeze maintained that the new era has taken a new turn and if one is not ready to treat his partner well, he should bear in mind that the partner would leave the marriage without having a second thought.

In an Instagram post, Daddy Freeze aired his view:

“Many women stayed in dead, torturous marriages to men who would abuse them physically, emotionally and sexually, while cheating on them repeatedly, for the sake of the children or public perception and validation.

Try this today and your partner would leave you quicker that you knew what hit you. Not because your partner doesn’t respect the sanctity of marriage, but because your partner won’t take your shit, SIMPLE!

If you are searching for someone to take your shit then marriage is not for you. Fix yourself or get the boot, it’s actually quite simple and straightforward. 🤷

See the post below:


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