“I’m ready to settle down but mostly younger men approach me” – Uriel laments

Uriel Oputa, BBNaija reality star has disclosed that although she is ready to settle down as a woman, she only gets approached by younger men.

Uriel stated that she would only consider dating younger men who bring something to the table.

According to the reality TV star and culinary connoisseur, she is eager to establish a family, but her problem is that she is frequently contacted by younger men.

The 35-year-old singer, who spoke on the ‘Spill With Phyna’ podcast, stated that her figure makes people doubt her age.

"I’m ready to settle down but mostly younger men approach me" – Uriel laments
Uriel Oputa, reality star. source: Instagram

Uriel stated that she has always been hesitant to accept such relationship proposals due to the age difference, but she now gives the thumbs up when they woo her.

Uriel stated: “I get approached by younger guys because people don’t believe my age. I’m in my 30s, right? But a lot of 28–29 guys approach me. And I’m like, ‘I can’t date you because I’m in a different stage in life. I’m ready to start a family. So, what can you offer me? You’re just getting into life.”

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