‘Older women are more lovable, and stable than younger women.’ – Nigerian man, says

A Nigerian man identified as Uzoma Favour has made a case for older women against their younger counterparts.

Favour took to his social media page via Facebook to air his opinion about older and younger women as regards love relationship.

The young man said that older women are more lovable, sweet and stable than the younger ones.

According to him, younger women are also lovable but there is a clear difference between them and their older counterparts. He noted that it could be the same reason why young women prefer to date older men.

Listing why he prefers older men, Favour said that they are more focused, experienced and know what they want. According to him, older women re in control of themselves and nothing fazes them.

Describing how to know an older woman, he stated that she is not someone who cares about material things or wants to be babysitted.

Favour said that most older women dating younger men are stable women financially, intellectually and emotionally. He noted that they do not need anyone’s money and also do not want flashy things they can get for themselves.