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Ifu Ennada begs Alex for forgiveness following alleged leaked chat



Ifu Ennada has tendered apology to fellow ex-housemate from the popular Big Brother Naija show, Alex and her fans over leaked chats.

Earlier, Ifu Ennada allegedly leaked a chat to intentionally bring her former co-housemate and friend, Alex down but she has now taken responsibility and apologized.

She wrote:

“I’m sure some of you have heard news about how I allegedly leaked a chat to intentionally bring Alex down. Without any sort of confirmation alot of people have called me unprintable names and some bloggers have fed off the matter and written so many lies about me. To everyone affected I’d like to say I’m sorry for everything.

God knows I love Alex so much and would never do anything to hurt her. I’ve inherited so many enemies because of my love for Alex, even my business has come under numerous attacks, but still my loyalty to Alex never faded.

Why will I now do something to hurt someone I love like a younger sister? I was angry and wasn’t thinking straight and was careless with my chat and someone I trusted leaked them. I forgot I’m in an industry where people feast off anyone or anything just to get attention. Once again I apologise to all parties involved.

And to the blogger writing more lies about me, pls publish whatever gossip you claim I sent you concerning people. It’ll be refreshing to read all your lies/accusations and save them as evidence while I look for ways to track you down and thoroughly deal with you. Nobody ever makes it up and stays there by destroying other people’s name.

Once again, I take responsibility for everything that has happened and I apologise to everyone. I am Ifu Ennada, I make mistakes, but I’m not a bad person. Pls forgive me.

Ifu Ennada ❤❤❤”