“If you’re not dead, nobody can count you out” – Man who lived with 7 people in a dilapidated single room shares success story [Photos]

A Nigerian man identifed as Toyyib Adewale has recounted the hard times and the challenges he overcame to achieve his dreams.

On Twitter, he shared some photos showing his old residence: a place he said he lived alongside seven others in a single room.

Starting the caption for the photos with some wise words that reads, “If you are not dead, NOBODY can count you out,” Toyyib narrated his past life, while also noting that his roommates are also successful.His full tweet reads: “That was our pit latrine in the far corner. the bathroom and kitchen. There were up to 7 of us in one room in the backyard.If the girlfriend of one of you is visiting, everybody will disappear?. Life was hard! but we kept our belief. “We slept other way round with our feets touching d floor. One of us in that room is now a Senior Project Manager for a top cloud company in the US,doing his executive MBA at an Ivy League university.Where you start from doesn’t matter. Work hard on the right stuff. God help us?

“I am always sharing everything that worked for me, my mistakes, Scholarship Opportunities, Work Permit Opportunities abroad. Hit the follow button and let’s grow together!♥️?.

“Someone was asking who would date us in d trenches. Haba! Na poor we poor we no kill person. This is why @naval said,play long term games with long term people.That Mushin boy has ended chance meeting politicians,Billionaires,media personalities.Our dreams are valid and possible!”