“I will use N90m to sue him” – Mr Eazi calls out producer who duped him of N4.5m

Nigerian singer Mr Eazi has disclosed his intentions to sue a music producer for breaching a business contract even after being paid.

The “Leg Over” singer said that although he had paid the (identified) producer $5,000 to write a song for him, he had refused to provide the song’s stems.

The song is supposed to be on the 32-year-old artist’s upcoming album, The Evil Genius. Through his official Twitter account, Mr. Eazi tweeted, letting his fans know his story and his intentions towards the producer who disappeared with $5,000.

But he did add that he would consider using the $100,000 to sue the guy the day he became “bored.”

"I will use N90m to sue him" – Mr Eazi calls out producer who duped him of N4.5m
Mr Eazi, Nigerian artist. Photo source:Google

He tweeted,

Mr Eazi wrote:

“There is a producer. I paid $5000 to produce a song that was meant to be on my album and he never sent the stems. I hope that 5k changed his life #TheEvilGenius 🏹 but the day I get bored I will spend $100,000 to sue ur ass.”