“I need just the Lexus” – Lady stuns many as she shows exotic cars she’s about to send to Nigeria from Canada

A Nigerian lady has gained attention on social media for her unique venture of sourcing and shipping cars from Canada to Nigeria.

The young woman, whose TikTok handle is @ify3591, recently shared a video on TikTok showcasing her business approach.

The video, which has since gone viral, features the young businesswoman surrounded by a collection of sleek and luxurious cars, including notable brands like Lexus and Toyota.

 "I need just the Lexus" - Lady stuns many as she shows exotic cars she's about to send to Nigeria from Canada

In the clip, she unveils her distinctive ritual of praying over the vehicles before they embark on their journey to Nigeria, expressing a deep connection to both the cars and their future owners.

“Me praying for my cars and their owners before sending them to Nigeria. Hubby captured me unawares,” the lady wrote.

The response from netizens was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing a keen interest in patronizing her services.

Netizens Reactions…

@King Owen said; “Your Hustle is bless by the power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead Amen.”

@Mc Bioseh reacted; “May my God bless your hustle.”

@romanackjay jaiyong said; “I need your help. I am in Ghana.”

@romanackjay jaiyong said; “Please, I will like to buy.”

@Chris Dental said: “Blessed cars. The new owners would enjoy them truly.”

@daddyibeji commented: “May the good Lord continue to bless your hustles IJN.”

@amobimba remarked; “Madam, please I need Nissan joke 212 model.” 

@kuwa kusaa said; “I need Lexus 350.”

@Bioseh Chinye said: “Yes, IJN amen to the prayers you said. Let them enjoy their cars to the fullest.”

@Bongo wire asked; “Na only car you dey ship? Abeg ship me come that side USA.”

@J.O.K.I said; “The lord is your strength ma.” 

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