Viral News “I love her heart not her looks” – Man says as he...

“I love her heart not her looks” – Man says as he shares lovely photos with his chubby girlfriend


A man has taken to his Instagram page to brag about loving his girlfriend’s heart and not just her looks.

love looks chubby girlfriend

Well, it seems love hits differently when with the right person. As other young men will go all hard for a lanky girl, others too, are sexually attracted to chubby women.

This is the case of an Instagram user, @rose_shaquon_tire.shine as he takes his girlfriend on a vacation and showers love on her.

He has captioned his post;

“I love her heart and not her looks”

He has further disclosed launching a youtube channel to further share his love story with the Love of his life.

Check out more adorable photos:

love looks chubby girlfriend love looks chubby girlfriend


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