“I don’t wear short dresses because the back of my thighs is covered with thick fat” – Actress Didi Ekenem

Many might have wondered why actress Didi Ekenem doesn’t flaunt her beautiful ebony legs on Instagram photos; well, the actress has finally disclosed this reason.

thighs dresses didi ekanem

On her Instagram page, Didi Ekenem has taken her time to flaunt her amazing legs in a short video.

In the video, she was seen wearing a short oxblood-colored gown.

The actress took her time to disclose that she has always felt uncomfortable about herself. One major factor for this feeling is her cellulite.

Cellulite is a lump of fat deposited in the thighs of a woman.

According to her. she had never enjoyed wearing short dresses, or any clothing that exposes her thighs. To her, it made her feel ugly.

However, Didi Ekenem has opened up to loving her body once again because there’s nothing to be done about a lump of fat deposited in her thighs and the fact that it is only natural for women to have them.

Hence, she has sought to embrace her body and flaunt her legs all day long.

Here’s what she said;

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thighs dresses didi ekanem thighs dresses didi ekanem

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