“I don’t have any excuse” – Lady who can’t speak stuns many as she is spotted preaching, winning souls on street

An African young lady has captured the attention of netizens worldwide with her unique method of preaching the gospel despite her inability to speak.

The footage depicts the young lady, who is unable to speak, fervently preaching the gospel to anyone who crosses her path at a motor park.

In the video, the lady is seen holding a Bible in her hand, passionately reciting verses and gesturing emphatically to convey her message.

"I don't have any excuse" - Lady who can't speak stuns many as she is spotted preaching, winning souls on street

Despite her inability to vocalize words, she communicates with the public through gestures and sounds.

Witnesses at the scene were moved by the lady’s unwavering commitment to sharing her beliefs.

The video has elicited a wide range of reactions online, with some viewers praising the lady for her courage and dedication to spreading the word of God, while others have criticized her approach to evangelism.

Netizens Reactions…

empress_jovita said; “Everyday I dey fight for my space in heaven but this country is making it harder 😂😂😂”.

an_na_bella11 said, “God understands her language
Bless her❤️❤️”.

duchesspriscilla said; “Is this playing 😂😂😂, but bless her❤”.

b_efele said; “Like play and she will speak in Jesus name ❤”.

gm8628 said; “If na Lagos, i am sorry but God knows the best”.

ducaksevent said; The Gospel must be heard and spread.

billionairesound said; “All I see is the height of God’s love, the extent He is willing to go to, just to save you from an imminent peril.”

uchasagee said; “The gospel must be preached no matter the situation. God bless her.”

sharonbensonofficial said; “She would receive her miracle this way 👏👏👏 don’t stop my darling ❤.

ojaybliss said; “I don’t have any excuse to not spread the gospel 😢.”

kingsgoldcomedy said; “God bless her 🙏”

Veraphilip07 said; “If the dumb can preach, wat about you?”

pauldgoodguy said; “haaa!!! another evidence to proof sey “i no get excuse to preach the gospel”

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