“I didn’t spend up to N5k” – Nigerian man shares his date experience with foreign lady in UK; it stuns many

A Nigerian man, identified as @Wizarab10, shared the intriguing details of his first date experience with a foreign lady in the United Kingdom.

The story unfolded with the man recounting his encounter with a lady of British-Dutch-American descent, sparking a debate on the dynamics of dating, while some took the opportunity to make some funny remarks about Nigerian ladies.

According to the tweet posted on Wednesday, December 6, @Wizarab10 disclosed that the rendezvous took place in the lady’s city of Coventry.

Strikingly, the twist in the tale came when he delegated the venue selection to his date, and she surprisingly opted for a humble coffee shop.

The Nigerian man added that the entire experience cost him less than £5 (equivalent to over N5,000).

Despite the cheap setting, the date extended for an impressive four hours, challenging conventional notions that associate memorable dates with extravagant expenses.

In the man’s words;

“First date I went in the UK was with a British-Dutch- American lady. It was in her city in Coventry and I asked her to pick the venue on my tab but she chose a coffee shop. The date lasted 4 hours.

“I didn’t spend up to £5.

“You don’t have to fine-dine to call it a date.”

Netizens Reactions..

@iAbdullaaah said; “Tell a Nigerian lady to choose a venue and she’ll be calling Eko Atlantic + She has to try all the meals there so the gist will bang when she tells her friends. “LOL!!”

@anyidon247 said; “In Nigeria even if it lasts for only 5 minutes. “She’ll pack takeaway foods like someone going back to IDP camp. “You’ll end up spending more than £5.”

@_Ejoke said; “It’s a date so if anyone is hungry, let he/she eat from home unless it was specifically planned to be a food date. “People will go out and focus on food rather than getting to know if it’s a mad person they’re out with.”

@Sir_Adeeyy said; “You guys can now see that it is actually the mentality. “Imagine thinking that catching up & getting to know people over coffee is boring. “Some Naija babes will embarrass you sha- Na only food dem know, as if the food will make the conversation more interesting. Abolounjeku.”

@AfrokonnectNG said; “Spending 4 hours drinking coffee? Hope you guys didn’t get bored.”

@therealdaddymo1 said; “I had a similar experience with a half-Italian, half-Jamaican chic back in Uni. She was in Leeds and showed me round her city and went for a curry after hanging out for hours, catching trips. She insisted on paying. I insisted on paying. The thing almost turned to fight.” 

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"I didn't spend up to N5k" - Nigerian man shares his date experience with foreign lady in UK; it stuns many

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