“I challenge the OGs to go make music; ageism is an issue in Nigeria” – Illbliss

Nigerian rapper, Tobechukwu Ejiofor, better known as Illbliss has challenged the OGs in the industry to release music amid their claims of paving the way for Nigerian artists.

In an interview on Channels TV, Illbliss was charged with giving his opinion on the ongoing controversies in the Nigerian music industry about artists who paved the way.

Nigerian rapper, Illbliss

The rapper noted that people are entitled to their opinion so if artists say that a way wasn’t paved for them, that is their opinion.

Even though the older musicians didn’t give the younger artists record deals, he claimed that every young artist was inspired by some older artist.

The rapper challenged the OGs to release music while lamenting how ageism has grown to be such a problem in Nigeria.

He noted that he doesn’t like the energy from the OGs as the younger artists are working very hard.

Reacting to his statement, Nigerian singer, Ric Hassani said: “That’s why this man my big brother and I respect him, this is INTELLIGENCE!!! Ah ah! Mchew mehnnnn. God bless you respect @illBlissGoretti”