“They only remember you when you are trending” – Cynthia Morgan speaks on fake friendship in the music industry

Nigerian singer, Cynthia Morgan has taken to social media to bemoan the level of fake friendship that exist in the music industry.

Cynthia Morgan expressed her feelings on her Instagram story, saying that friendships are rare in the profession since people only remember you when you are on the trend or when they need your assistance to get by.

Cynthia Morgan
Cynthia Morgan

When such people call, she says it feels fantastic, but she doesn’t want to work with them since their tone makes her chuckle.

Cynthia related how, in her hour of need, just two people, Samklef and kaha, came to her aid while the rest, particularly those with whom she had collaborated for free, avoided her.

She wrote: “There is barely friendship in the NMI. These people will likely only remember you when you are trending it when they hear a beat they feel only you can kill. Not intensional but it always feels good these days when they call me and I tell them am not making music at the moment, their voice always changes”

“During my crisis, Kaha sent me 100k, Samklef 50k. What happened to the tons of artistes I did free collaborations and shows for? Lol.”


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