“I caught a naked lady in my boyfriend’s bed” – ‘SGIT’ actress Chioma Okoli opens up on heartbreak

Nigerian film actress Chioma Okoli, well known for her role in the Skinny Girl In Transit series, has opened up on how she dealt with heartbreak.

She disclosed how she caught a lady in her boyfriend’s bed while sharing her heartbreak experience. Chioma made this disclosure during an interview with Chude Jideonwo.

She claims to have fallen in love with a guy with whom she spent the majority of her time after leaving school.

She thought she had found love in him until his birthday when she begged to spend a few days with him, but he declined.

"I caught a naked lady in my boyfriend’s bed" – 'SGIT' actress Chioma Okoli opens up on heartbreak
Chioma Okoli, actress of SGIT series. source: Google

Chioma Okoli disclosed how she went to surprise him at his residence, only to discover a girl naked on his bed. The 25-year-old actress, who played the character ‘Wosi’ in SGIT, stated that the incident left her hurt and heartbroken, adding that it is still her biggest ‘breakfast’.

In her words;

“I’m one of those girls who has seen a babe on my boyfriend’s bed before. That’s another crazy thing that has happened to me. My life is dramatic, trust me. All those things you see in films have actually happened to me.

First, I was staying with this guy for a very long time.

I had school, but I left schoolwork to stay in a man’s house because of love. One day, as I was leaving, he removed his rosary and put it on my neck as protection, and he started crying, ‘Don’t go back to school.’

In my mind, I had seen love. His birthday arrived while I was in school. He stayed in Ajah, but those days, I didn’t mind. I was young and in love.

Although there was Uber then, I can’t remember how I was moving from Unilag to Ajah. I usually slept over at his place anytime I went to see him.

So, on this day – his birthday – I had left [my place], and then I called him to ask to spend some time with him. He said nothing was happening, and I shouldn’t stress myself. I was like, my boyfriend has put a rosary on my neck. I had to go now. When I got to his door, I heard loud music blasting. I felt he couldn’t hear me, so I went to the window, and then, I saw a light-skinned girl on the bed, stark naked. It wasn’t a film.

It pained me so badly. I was so hurt. I think that was my biggest ‘breakfast’.”

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