Touching story as 6-year-old boy experiences first heartbreak on Valentine’s Day

A little boy stirred emotions on social media as he experienced heartbreak from his playmate on Valentine’s Day,

This is contained in a video captioned: “My 6-year-old son had his first heartbreak on Valentine’s Day.”

Touching story as 6-year-old boy experiences first heartbreak on Valentine's Day
6-year-old boy experiences first heartbreak on Valentine’s Day.

In the video, the boy is seen dressed in black, walking sadly alongside his father.

From a distance, he appears very sad, nearly on the verge of tears.

According to the video’s description, it was revealed that the boy had planned to give flowers to his playmate, a girl, on Valentine’s Day.

However, upon reaching her house, he was informed that she had already gone to school.

This news broke the boy’s heart, leading him to cry on his way back home. He dumped the flowers, jumped on the bed, and cried even harder.

The boy’s actions drew the attention of many individuals who took to the comment section to console him.

See some reactions below: 

Queen fremie: “All this no really concern me I dey find my period since December.”

ANAQ: “Awww… please bring him back to his playmate’s home and make sure he gives the flowers by then. He’ll learn the essence of right timing.”

Emil powers: “His so sweet 🥰 no worries lil Man u can go later even late but yours will be the latest and beautiful gift.”

Jane Doe: “Why didn’t you take him earlier? Why didn’t you take him to the school😩😩😩. I’m crying!”

toheebjolaoso: “more to come buddy. This is only preparing you to be stronger all the way. You’ll be fine Nimo.”

Roxy: “you remind me of my nephew whose same age and as just like as a sweet boy like you.”

entertainments only: “that’s life people we truly love don’t loved us back rather they chose those they love that won’t love the back fully.”

Amidah morenikeji: “Omh 🥺 my heart is so broken seeing nimo like this , u will surely get another chance nimo.”

eve: “awwn baby boy, it’s so hurten… but u could still give her the flowers who knows maybe urs will be the most appreciated one.”



We were all in tears today because of Nimo 😭💔

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