“How my roommate died at the hands of his village people” — Man reveals

A Nigerian man has revealed how his roommate in the university died because of the active presence of his village people.

This was narrated on the social media platform, X, with the man quoting a tweet where people were being asked to define village people.

He took to his account, @Capt_Danky, to say;

“My roommate back in Uni was always sick whenever we had end of Semester exams. He managed through the 4yrs and still came out with a first class. He had an accident and died on his way back home from our graduation ceremony”

While lamenting this story, he acknowledged that the aftermath of this event solidified his relationship with God. He advised on the importance of having a good prayer life as he has been a first hand witness of evil and wickedness, citing his roommate’s village people.

Netizens reaction below:

@aphrodeetees said: Just imagine the investment, determination on his on end to persevere but the enemies still won. May his soul RIP 🕊️. I can’t even imagine his parents pain.

@al_shekarau_ wrote: That’s not village peoples’ doings; it is his destiny that can’t be changed by anyone. With or without sickness, accident he’ll still die. Indeed death is inevitable.

@Bigmoney_Iyke said: I remembered 2 roommates that died on their graduation day… Keke accident took their lives few hours after graduation 😢 My friend took a picture with them which I reposted only to come back online to see that there are no more. I cried 😢

@SteveCypha said: This one pass village people o

@Walexzeal1 said: He should have drop out and learn trade, village people might only be interested in him not to be a graduate, he might learn trade live long and still be successful…

@dhaboy wrote: This is a heartbreaking shii… Obviously his village people worked harder 🥺

@kenychordz said: And some people will tell u they don’t believe in witchcraft Dem no dey tell person sha

“How my roommate died at the hands of his village people” — Man reveals

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