How my father lost N3.5M contract after refusing to do it for N1.75M – Plumber

A young plumber pours out his heart following the loss of N3.5M contract after the site engineer slashed the quotation of his father to N1.75M.

A user identified as Semper Fidelis with username @VickKingsley took to the X platform to narrate how a whole night of working on their quotation turned out fruitless.

According to the plumber, using the right materials for the house construction would only leave his father with N500K profit.

Unfortunately, the site engineer slashed the quotation by half, indirectly suggesting the use of substandard materials for the building job.

In a lengthy post, the plumber wrote;

“My Dad lost a 3.5 million naira contract today all because he told the engineer that it isn’t possible to split the sum total for a contract 50/50.

Last night, my dad and I stayed up throughout the night checking out the plans of a new house, taking estimates and we arrived at 3.5m. Now the pipes, knockout boxes, Distribution Boards, packets of couplers, and tins of gum will cost us 3m on the dot because my dad has called to confirm the price.

Now the labor we quoted was 500k (slightly negotiable). We go to the site this morning and engineer said, he will give us 1.75m to finish the whole job and other electricians will even thank him. My Dad politely declined and left.

I am saying this here, a lot of houses that develop electrical faults or get burnt are often caused by the engineers. They are culpable. We move.”

How my father lost N3.5M contract after refusing to do it for N1.5M - Plumber

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