How I died and was revived from underworld by Dunamis Pastor — Lady shares testimony (Video)

A lady shares a testimony of how she died and was revived from the underworld with the help of Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Centre.

During a recent program at Dunamis church, the teenager accompanied by her father shared a testimony of her daughter’s close death call.

Pastor Paul Enenche
Pastor Paul Enenche

According to the lady’s father, she slumped, collapsed in their home and was rushed to the hospital while unconscious all through.

He revealed that a call was made to Pastor Paul Enenche who assured them of backing the unconscious lady with prayers.

How I died and was brought back from underworld by Dunamis Pastor — Lady shares testimony (Video)

The lady, however, shared that while unconscious, she walked through a path where she was guided by two ‘beings.’

With tears rolling out of her eyes, she revealed that she saw a tomb with her name and date of birth on it after which Pastor Paul and his wife appeared.

She said in part, “Before I could approach the grave, Daddy appeared in front of me in red and was very angry. He asked the being, ‘you mean to tell me you didn’t see the warning.’ There was a tag hanging on my neck with a note on it, ‘Origin: Dunamis. Warning, do not trespass’.”

After waking up to reality, she stated that the six agents from the underworld visited her with a coffin and the senior Pastor of Dunamis Church appeared and defeated them a second time.

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