How I dealt with new noisy neighbours — Man narrates

A young man narrates the approach he took to curtail his new neighbours who are in the habit of disturbing the vicinity with their loud music.

A Twitter user identified as @XivTroy took to the platform to narrate how he tried effortlessly to caution his new noisy neighbours.

How I dealt with new noisy neighbours — Man narrates
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After many failed tries, he decided to fight fire with fire by turning up the volume of his music while he left home for work. His phone, however, rang off the hook from the same neighbours who clearly couldn’t take the same treatment.

In his words;

“I got new neighbors. Very noisy girls. I unsuccessfully asked them to lower their music severally. Unsuccessfully informed caretaker. So today, I’d had enough. I put on Spotify, tweaked the Sony system to 100, & left. My phone is ringing like nonsense. Unsuccessfully. Lessons will be learned.

For a guy who gets home latest 7:30 pm, today I’ll get home at 10:00 pm. If nothing changes, we try again tomorrow, and the next day. And so forth. I wonder why they are calling when the volume is still at 50% on the computer. Tomorrow, we tweak it up by 10%.

Just got home & switched off the music: it’s so quiet I can hear the sausages I had digest in my tummy. I’d even forgotten we had crickets chirping at night. Now we wait for tomorrow: Lessons will be learned Episode 2.”

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