How caterer was forced to cook and fry human meat by clients for guests – Lady narrates

Twitter user identified by her handle as @prookieyah has narrated how a caterer and her servers were made to cook and fry human meat by her clients.

Caterer Human Meat guests

According to the narrator, the caterer secured the gig and was paid ahead of the event. She was also asked to come with servers which she did.

However, on the D-day, the caterer and her servers were driven to an unknown location where people were being slaughtered/butchered and were asked to cook and fry the human meat.

They were also asked to eat some, which they did due to fear of being killed. The caterer’s mental health has been messed up ever since the incident occurred.

The tweet reads:

“So a friend told me today about a caterer that got a job catering to about 30 people and was told to come with servers too. She was well paid ahead of the event. They travelled long distance mostly inside bush, she was so scared and convinced they’ve been kidnapped only to get to the place and see humans being slaughtered and butchered. She was asked to cook and fry. All along she was scared for her life and her staffs so she agreed to cook. Said while cooking, cars started trooping in and demanding parts they want like roundabout and shaki.

They asked her if the food she made was delicious and she said yes out of fear, they asked her and the servers to pick a meat each to eat. They obliged because they feared for their lives. She’s since then reported to the police but can’t remember location.

Also been to the hospital to flush her system likewise spiritual cleansing but her mental state has been chaotic ever since.

We clearly live in a wicked world. The heart of man is so deep dark and cold.”

See tweet below: