“His uncle resemble Fulani herdsmen” – Nigerian toddler’s tears spark online speculation over uncle’s surprise visit

A Nigerian mother garnered attention on social media as she shared a video capturing the moment her little son burst into tears upon seeing his uncle.

The video is captioned: “Your son is scared of his uncle.”

"His uncle resemble Fulani herdsmen" - Nigerian toddler's tears spark online speculation over uncle's surprise visit
Nigerian toddler in tears over uncle’s surprise visit.

In the video, the mother holds the child while staring at the camera and asks, “Why are you crying?” Shortly after, a young Nigerian man walks very close to them, approaching from behind.

As soon as the little boy sees him, he bursts into tears.

This caught the mother’s attention, prompting her to ask again why he was crying.

The video made its way to the internet, with many individuals speculating about the possible cause of the little boy’s fears, while others made humorous remarks about the uncle’s appearance in the comment section.

See some reactions below:

KAMSO____<✡️✝️💟😈>: “His uncle resemble Fulani herdsmen.”

Nurse didi👩‍⚕️🩺: “Maybe is the dark color Abi what 😂😂no be masquerade na.”

starberry: “So funny I remember when my child was scared of my hubby uncle ,but now she is no more scared.”

Mosehkareri: “my niece was like this after not seeing each other for two months she had to like me by force.”

Florence Kamena: “I have this uncle I used to be scared of when I was little but I got closer to him as time went by 😭😂 he was just so tall and had strong features.”

Inis’tichies: “If na you,you nor go cry?talk true.”

Guddy Bina: “We need to ask that uncle questions.”

cookwithannie3: “Me sef fear😂😂😂 lord Danbury Dey learn work for this boy side😭😂😂 if na me sef ah go cry.”

Presh🧚Queen: “Even me sef i became scared when i saw him lets cry together baby.”

LIGHT OF YOUR WORLD: “If na you you no go fear ?”

张旺: “abeg the baby need to cry ooo😅as i see the uncle fear grip me.”



He doesnt let him carry or let alone see him from afar😂😂😂

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