His friend and a good samaritan recorded the video – Hospital where Rico Swavey was filmed releases official statement

Doren Specialist Hospital, the hospital in which late Rico Swavey was filmed while unconscious, has released an official statement after being called out for recording him.

According to the statement released by the hospital, Rico had been brought in at 1:45 am on Tuesday, October 11 when the doctor was immediately called upon.

It was revealed that Rico Swavey was in a coma and was ‘smelling of alcohol’ while bleeding from several orifices.

The statement also disclosed that Rico had been brought in by a friend identified as Miss Ify Helen Eze and a good samaritan and they were told of the severity of his condition after examination by the doctor.

According to authorities of the hospital, it was Rico’s friend and the Samaritan who had made the video to exonerate themselves of any likely accusation.

See their full statement below:

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