“Him wan open shop?” – Lady shows off foodstuffs her mother bought to way bill to her junior brother at school

Lady causes a stir as she shows off the mouthwatering foodstuffs her mother bought to waybill to her junior brother who’s in school.

The lady revealed that her junior brother called to tell their mother that he has run out of food and needs foodstuffs.

Mother daughter junior brother foodstuffs

His mother went all out to get the brother lots of foodstuffs ranging from packets of spaghetti, tubers of yam, tomatoes, red oil.

The lady who shared the video expressed surprise over how much foodstuffs the mother bought.

“My kid brother in school asked my mother to waybill some food stuff to him and my mom took it personal,” she captioned.

Reactions have followed …

@That🤍😘chubby🤪girl💎 said: “My own go even cook join she go say make u first eat that one before u cook 😂 God bless all mothers 🙏🙏”

@Mirabel🥰♈️ commented: “My mom is not like yours ooo, mine wan use billing kill me 🥺”

@Heavens..001 remarked: “Where him school dea I go fit change school because of him 😭😂”

@calkrishna penned: “Tah them come pay bride price”

@Mr Khalil said: “What my mum can do, that woman go pack heaven and earth, if my pman talk she go say na my first fruit e be🥰🥰🥰🥰”

Watch video below …


My mom takes these things so personal 😂😂😂

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