Highest Rated Nigerian Footballers in 2022: Top 5

Discover some of Nigeria’s finest talents in the football scene and why they are currently the best in 2022.

Nigerians are very talented people, so seeing their citizens performing well in various endeavors worldwide cannot come as a surprise. Due to their skills, several promising Nigerian footballers are on the world scene, and they continue to attract a lot of media attention.

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Some of the highest-rated Nigerian footballers in 2022 are:

1. Victor Osimhen

This renowned footballer is known for his striking and goal-scoring prowess. Nigeria has several footballers who can score goals, however, no attacker comes close to Osimhen in 2022, and he has continued to ensure that he stays on top of that list. Victor is one of Nigeria’s best players and has consistently performed well for the Super Eagles.

This player is one of the most sought-after attackers today, and he has continued to receive deserved attention for what he does best. When placing bets on top football betting sites, most stakes are usually in favor of Victor’s team rather than the opponent because many fans trust him always to deliver.

Several reputable teams have begun to try their best to recruit this talented attacker, and he has several good options should he decide to leave his current team. Certainly, his fat salary also matches his reputation as one of the best attackers in the football industry.

2. Samuel Chukwueze

In only a few years, Samuel has shown his Spanish team that he is the real deal. Since joining the Villareal team in 2018, he has received a well-deserved promotion from the junior team to the senior squad after showing he was talented enough to do more incredible things.

This young Nigerian also seems to be making the most of his youth, as he has already played over 100 games in La Liga and has received several Super Eagles caps. Unfortunately, Samuel has had to deal with many injury issues in recent years. If he can overcome them, he will be on his way to becoming one of the finest talents the nation has ever seen.

3. Onyinye Wilfred Ndidi  

This Leicester City midfield star is one of the best Nigerian talents of his generation. He is well-known for his relentlessness, hard tackles, defensive prowess, and has proven himself to be an asset to every team he has played for.

Several top teams in Europe have been showing interest in this Nigerian star in recent years as he has continued to perform excellently well. With Ndidi anchoring the midfield of any team, their chances of winning will increase significantly. Undoubtedly, he is one of Nigeria’s best at this time.

4. Alex Iwobi

Alex’s entire football career has been spent in the EPL, and he has made a name for himself in the Super Eagles during this period. For years now, Alex has been a solid and trusted player for the Eagles and is a key player in all of Nigeria’s top matches.

Before choosing to represent Nigeria, Iwobi played with the English youth teams. However, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his great uncle, Austin Jay Jay Okocha, by playing for Nigeria at the senior international level.

So far, his career has been very impressive, and he has been a very influential team member for the Nigerian team, scoring 10 goals in 60 caps for the Super Eagles so far. He is also in top form for Everton in the EPL currently.

5. Joe Aribo

Joe is another promising Nigerian footballer who is making great exploits at the moment. Born in London to Nigerian parents, Joe had shown interest in football from a very young age before he decided to play professionally.

Not every footballer of today has gotten the honor to be compared to veterans who have once ruled the football scene. Yet, Joe has been referred to by many as the Okocha of his time. After a successful stint with Rangers FC in Scotland, Aribo is back in England with Southampton, where he is a regular and one of the stars of the team.


These Nigerians have proved themselves in different parts of the world in just a few years, taking the football scene by storm. Though many of these players have already performed greatly for themselves, they are believed to have not reached their full potential yet, and the world is still looking out for their next moves.

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