Graduate of Microbiology shares his weird attire to a job interview

A man who claims to have a Bachelor’s degree in microbiology, Masters’s in public health, and is currently pursuing his doctorate degree has recently shared on Twitter his odd/weird appearance to a job interview.

Man Job Microbiology weird

According to him, he resigned from his previous jobs for reasons best known to him and is currently job hunting.

The center of attraction here is the odd attire the man rocked to a job interview, he could be seen wearing a suit, tie, but beneath, he wore a wrapper, white socks, and slippers.

Man Job Microbiology weird

In his words:
“Wow! I didn’t expect this to blow up. I was having a job interview. I resigned from my last job (due to personal reasons) & I am currently job hunting. I’ve got a Bsc. in microbiology, an MSc. in public health & currently doing a PhD. in public health. Wish me luck!”.

See the tweet below:

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