“Give her the money” – Blessing Okoro reacts to claims that amputee ‘pure water’ seller lied

Popular relationship adviser, Blessing Okoro condemns the action of the Lagos State government for taking back N25M business support for the amputee ‘pure water’ seller.

blessing okoro

In an earlier report, Mary Daniels is alleged to have made up the stories of how she is an orphan and was amputated after an accident that claimed the lives of her parents.

According to Blessing Okoro, the government should free the young lady and give her access to the funds raised to support her business and life despite the lies as she deserves a better life.

mary daniel amputee pure water seller

Taking to Instagram, she wrote;

“I hate this country. May I never be in a position to ask them for help because they must mock u . Nigerians are like the devil, they use u and abuse u . I don’t give a 4ck about her story the fact is that is she suffering, she is on the streets, with no leg , still struggling. Give her her money . Give her her money .

It is her money raised by common Nigerians, even my money is in it . Give her her money . We don’t care the story , the fact that she had no leg and hustled like somone with 2 legs is the motivation behind the contribution. Give her her money . Stop stealing from the poor . Give her her money . Or refund our money back to us …. thieves . After them go say Na me be audio gal when we are in an audio country with audio citizens.”

"Give her the money" - Blessing Okoro reacts to claims that amputee 'pure water' seller lied


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