Viral News “Girls dey go burial ground go baff, use am cook” – Woman...

“Girls dey go burial ground go baff, use am cook” – Woman reveals shocking revelation (Video)


A video has gone viral as it shows a woman making startling revelations about what ladies do in cemeteries at night.

cemeteries woman night

The Warri-based woman identified as Iyeloma revealed disturbing information about the “cut soap for me” slogan that has been used in recent times.

In the video, a man standing next to her claimed that boys are the ones trending the slogan. But Iyeloma refuted those claims as she disclosed that girls are the “king of soap”.

The lady further disclosed that warri girls go to the cemetery to take their bath at night. She further revealed that some also use water to wash their private parts in the cemetery and use it to cook for people to eat at Enerhen junction in Warri.

Watch the video below:


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