Ghanaian man set to hold burial ceremony for late dog (Video)

A Ghanaian man who is a dog lover leaves many talking as he set to hold a proper burial ceremony for his pet that passed on.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the large banner announcing the burial of a dog that passed on some weeks ago.

Man set to hold funeral arrangements for dog (Video)
Banner of the announcement and burial arrangements of the late dog. Credit: bengarzy.ba91 / TikTok.

According to the text on the banner, the dog was said to have lived from 1999-2023 before taking its last breath. The final farewell to the pet is said to take place following a church service at the Bubiashe C.A.C in Accra, Ghana.

The video has since triggered mixed reactions from social media users about the motive behind such an uncommon burial ceremony for a dog.

Reactions trailing the burial ceremony for a dead dog

GhFlavour said: “No one talking about the time (800am).”

Ola_bobby said: “Who else uses a calculator to calculate the dog’s age?”

integritylyf reacted: “Widow’s name and children please.”

thatlonelygirl said: “Upon all the bad government in this country, people are still catching cruise.”

MAEL_IG1O said: “This is the real definition of you lived a worthy life.” 

Watch the video below …



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